S-30 ribbon switch

The S-30 ribbon switches are pressure-sensitive devices, they are supplied in variable length. The construction geometries of the S-30 sensitive element derive from accurate research and testing, carried out in accordance with national and European regulations. They can be used individually on particular moving parts and in applications where no high impact and crushing mechanical resistance is required.

Striscia sensibile S-30

General description

Pressure sensitive ribbon switches, due to their small size, can be used both as safety devices on board machines with low speed moving parts and reduced masses as well as as control devices in applications requiring a N.O. contact. along their useful length. They are supplied in rolls of up to 250 meters long length. The coating is made of PVC, yellow (RAL 1018), other colors are supplied on request.


- TS-30 ⇒ Connection terminal Kits
- GA-S30 ⇒ Aluminum guide
- CL-2 ⇒ Connection cables