Proswitch products are pressure sensitive devices that, used with our control units, can be used for safety applications. Each Proswitch product is compatible with any devices based on two-wire, four-wire or with final resistance with N.O. contacts. The entire range of Proswitch products covers the vast majority of safety applications, and we can design specific devices for the client’s needs.

Bordi sensibili di sicurezza

SAFETY EDGESfor safety and control

Pressure sensitive edges, can be used for industrial safety applications and also be used as control devices in industrial automation.

Strisce sensibili di sicurezza

RIBBON SWITCHESfor safety and control

Ribbon switches are the most compact version of Proswicth yhsafety devices, and are widely used for control based applications.

Tappeti sensibili di sicrezza

SAFETY MATSfor safety and control

Sensing safety mats are used to guard the floor area around dangerous machinery. They are wear resistant and is characte- rized by an accurate design.

Unità di controllo Proswitch

CONTROL UNITSfor 2 or 4 wire and resistive devices

Control units are designed for safe monitoring or control based pressure sensitive device that may be two-wire, four-wire or with final resistance.

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