SP-2S control unit

SP-2S units control functionality, intervention and failure of any industrial security device, both Proswitch and generic, using 2-wire operating technology with a final resistance of 8.2 KΩ (±4KΩ).

Unità di controllo SP-2S

General description

SP-2S control units are designed to control 2-wire security devices with final resistance. A redundant circuit constantly monitors the safety device attached to it (ribbon switch, edges, mats and safety bumpers).                    If the circuit detects a variation of the calibrated ohmic value at 8.2 KΩ (with a tolerance of ± 4 KΩ) due to the internal sensor drive's operation or a failure of the safety device, the control circuit de-energizes the output relay, returning the contacts to rest (N.O.).

Connection diagram

Schema unità di controllo SP-2S