Strisce sensibili

Descriptive operating parameters

Proswitch gamma prodotti

Pressure sensitive ribbon switches are based on a N.O. contact, and can be used both in control based and in safety based applications.

S-30 type

It is a N.O. linear contact device, and has the features of a normally open button all along its length. It can extend linearly for several meters (up to 250 meters), even with curvature and folds. On the top, there is a crest that allows to concentrate the crushing force by directing it to internal contacts.

S-33 type

This version has the same features as the S-30 sensor, with the particularity of incorporating the signal return cables incorporated. The S-33 sensor is useful in security applications where it needs to be monitoring continuously the presence and integrity of the sensor.

Lengths and colors

The sensors can be supplied customized with their respective connection cables or in meters up to a maximum length of 250 meters. In the latter case, the cables connection will be made by the installer. Standard color is yellow (RAL 1018), other colors may be supplied on request and depending on the quantity.

Proswitch strisce sensibili